Qui sommes-nous ?

Hello, We are Tresor & co.
Established 2016 – Paris.

Illustrated treasure hunts by Daria Reingewirtz & Katya Bauman


Traveling as a family is a heck of a challenge when exploring new terrain, we hear you! One person wants to read all the historical place-markers while the other wants to check out the store displays. The children may be asking to do something “fun,” which obviously does not include either of the earlier options. And no one is particularly interested in asking themselves how this monument stands out from its peers…. until our hunts help make a game out of it!
Not only will you finish our hunts with that extra “je ne sais quoi” of insight into an area that you (and many locals) may never have known. We aspire to add to your family’s experience that secret hope you had for bringing kids to a new country: discovering something special together and seeing their eyes filled with wonder.
Daria Reingewirtz (c) Alina Sepp


I created Tresor & co because I remembered how fun it was going on treasure hunts as a kid growing up in St-Petersburg, Russia. Once in France, it was surprising to me that not everyone did that with their families. I hated seeing kids being bored in beautiful cities so many people dream visiting.
My parents used to make museums and foreign cities fun for me (including bringing me to « say hello to the mummy » at the Egyptian section of the Hermitage, and waking me up at 6 AM to see what real Venice is). Since then, I know how to tell a good story to make architecture and history entertaining.
Along with a career in journalism and classical music, it was only a matter of time before I, a daughter of a publisher and an architect, started publishing architectural treasure hunts. The world needs curious kids!


I drew since I was a kid – I was surrounded by my family’s beautiful books from the 1930s and the 1950s. Later, I became an architect. When I decided to quit, I suddenly remembered my 6th-grade dream of becoming an illustrator. It’s been 8 years, and I never looked back! (I even married a children’s books illustrator, believe it or not).
For Tresor & co, I didn’t want to draw a « classical » family: Mom, Dad, and two kids. So we came up with this goofy Dad, his daughter, and their dog, and later on, the little boy joined the family for the 3+-year-olds treasure hunt.
The most important things when creating a children’s book are honesty and respect. Without stereotypes such as « children like bright colors, » without oversimplifying, lecturing or trying to please. I draw for the kid within myself – grown-ups are just big kids!
Katya Bauman, illustrator - portrait

Nous sommes ravis que vous rejoigniez l’aventure. Bienvenue !

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