About Us

Hello, We are Tresor & co.
Established 2016 – Paris.


We here at Tresor & co are dedicated to awakening a sense of curiosity and discovery for the cities you live in or travel to – no matter your age! Our treasure hunts are specifically designed to allow each age group to get the most of each neighborhood they visit, touching on architecture, history and the life of the people who live there.


We know first-hand the challenges groups -and particularly families- face when exploring new terrain. One person wants to read all the historical place-markers while the other wants to check out the store displays. The children may be asking to do something “fun” which obviously does not include either of the earlier options. And no one is particularly interested in asking themselves how this monument stands out from its peers…. until our hunts helps make a game out of it! Not only will you finish our hunts with that extra “je ne sais quoi” of insight into an area that you (and many locals) may never have known, but we aspire to add to your family’s experience that secret hope you had for bringing kids to a new country: discovering something special together and seeing their eyes filled with wonder.


Daria and her team of editors, illustrators, historians and art-historians, plus all of their children willing to be guinea pigs, have worked to create the most fun and unique itineraries that satisfy both grown-ups’ and kids’ interests. Our authors and their little testers have traveled to and lived in many countries, most recently the United States, Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia, Belgium, the UK, France and Italy. Their collective experiences are what makes Tresor & co’s treasure hunts so easy to follow and so fun to play.

We are thrilled for you to join us: Bienvenue to adventure!!!!

Have any questions or new destination requests? We'd love to hear from you.