About the game

Dust off Paris with our kid-friendly architectural treasure hunts!
Here’s how to play:


A look inside the treasure hunt - Tresor & co

compact itinerary

treasures in each hunt

play time


What you’ll discover


How to spot iconic Paris symbols everywhere (they aren’t what you think!)


Features that make you recognize Paris on pictures every. single. time


How to recognize typical architectural styles in Paris, from the Middle ages to Art Nouveau


How Parisians invented restaurants and shopping malls, fought against crime in the 17th century, use street art to manage today’s unruly children… and more!

* Each hunt showcases different architectural styles and stories depending on the neighborhood.
All of them highlight Parisian symbols that will help you “read” the city.

Pick your version:

Paper version (24€)

Paper version - note your answers as you go

Pick up your pen and note your answers as you go – or, better yet, let your kids do it!

At the end, open the sealed envelope with the answers and check whether you guessed correctly.

Smartphone version (24€)

Download your itinerary and type in your answers as you go!

At the end, open the secret file to check if you guessed correctly.

Or get both for 40 euros (15% discount applied at check out)

Is there a real treasure?

It’s up to you!

Promise an ice cream, a book or a souvenir, and we’ll show you our favorite family-friendly places near the last treasure of your hunt.

Addresses are included in every hunt!


Just promise an ice cream and you're good!

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