What is included?

The initial pack of any of our hunts contains one spiral-bound booklet with a map, an envelope with the answers, a list of our favorite family-friendly places right next to the last treasure, and details for emergency contact during the hunt. For larger groups, you may buy several paper versions, or both the paper and a smartphone version for a reduced price of €40/$40.

How long does a hunt last?

A typical hunt lasts 90 mins to 2 hours for finding all the hidden treasures. Many clues have bonus questions, all of which can be answered at a later stage.

What do I need to bring?

A pen, comfortable shoes and a smartphone (with battery life), along with your booklets and answer packet. For the smartphone version, it can be useful to have a second smartphone that you will use to check the map and take pictures.

What is the appropriate age range for these hunts?

Tresor & co is fun for all ages, from little kids to grown-up kids! We initially started Tresor & co to entertain our own children, not to mention visiting nieces and nephews, but our hunts are aimed at anyone interested in learning more about Paris (and/or interested in competing against a rival team, of course). The youngest participants will still get a certain number of clues, and will have fun, too! We would also encourage our teenage participants to play in teams: boys vs girls, youths vs adults, dog-lovers vs cat-lovers, you name it!

How physically strenuous is a hunt? Can my family participate with our baby? Is it suitable for the grandparents?

Each hunt covers a distance of around 2 to 2.3km (1.3 to 1.5 miles), and you can determine the speed of your hunt. If you can walk for 2 hours (or hang out in a baby carrier or stroller), you are in! Of course, our hunts take place in popular areas with lots of cafés, perfect for rest stops or, in some cases, bowing out to wait for the more hardy while honoring the equally important Parisian tradition of reading a magazine over a coffee and pastry. ATTENTION: The Montmartre hunt can be difficult for strollers as there are some flights of stairs and a lot of unpaved sidewalks. Also, most neighborhoods of our treasure hunts tend to be very busy on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, so we would advise you to choose a calmer time of day or week.

Are the hunts wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately, Paris is not a very wheelchair-accessible city. The Montmarte hunt is definitely not suitable for anyone who cannot navigate stairs. The Marais hunt has narrow sidewalks, but can be done in a wheelchair with one turnaround to avoid a short flight of stairs. We are actively working on hunts that will be accessible to all. Please check back or contact us directly for updates!

The hunt is not guided - are you sure we are not going to get lost?

We never say never, but it’s highly unlikely! Between the directions and the enclosed map, you should be fine. In some tricky spots, Pippa and Dad, our fictional characters, will be around the page to show you which way to go. Should a venue (such as a public garden) be closed by the time you get there, just skip it and take the next clue. If you feel lost, use our contact number (see your order confirmation email) to send us a text or WhatsApp message, and we’ll help you out!

How do the hunts work?

The classic scenarios is: we give you the clues, and you take a picture of or write down the address of each of the clues as you uncover them. The appropriate points (and bonus questions) are noted already in your booklets. The first team done gets additional points for finishing first. Then the players gather together to tally up their scores and declare ultimate victory!
That said, you can always adapt your Tresor & co treasure hunt as you see fit – after all, it is your experience! And obviously, your approach will depend on the size of your group and the age of the hunters. Here are some ideas:

Amped up Competition version: it’s all about the win! Divide your group into teams (adults vs teenagers, brothers vs sisters or any combination that seems fair (and fun) to you!) and race to the finish. But please: only cross at green lights! (Note: It is also possible to hunt team against team for families with children in different age groups. For example, in the Marais hunt you can use the 3+ version for one team and 8+ version for another: they have the same start and ending point, but the 3+ hunt is shorter, which gives the team with the youngest child better odds.)

We’re All in this Together version: Get rid of the points. Young children (and, ahem, some adults) can be lousy losers, and we don’t want anyone to be upset! Just do it for the fun of scouting all of the hidden treasures! You can discuss your findings over a hot chocolate to learn more about your finds. This version works especially well for younger children.

Track and Treat version: Is it starting to rain, or do you expect people to get hungry or tired before the end of the hunt? You can answer bonus questions after the hunt – they are designed in such a way that you can answer them by looking at the pictures you take during the hunt and reading the « Did you know » sections. Just find the treasures, go to a café, have a cup of tea, and see how many bonus questions you can finish while you enjoy your snack!

Don't treasure hunts lead to treasure?

Good point! Tresor & co is not only about fun and learning and exploring, we also have voluntary bonus questions that parents can use for suggestions of a suitable prize* for their treasure seekers! These optional questions direct you to our recommended cafés or stores where you can look for a quintessential Paris souvenir or a tasty treat. *As of the moment, actual treasure is not included as part of our treasure hunt package.

What languages does Tresor & co offer?

All hunts are offered in French and most are also offered in English (use the language selector in the menu to access both versions).

Do you have any indoor hunts?

We’re working on it! Check back here for news of upcoming releases.

How much is delivery?

Delivery costs are calculated at check out depending on the country you live in. In France, the delivery costs are of 2,7€. In the rest of the world, they go from 5€ to 8€. Delivery for smartphone versions is free.

How long will my items take to arrive?

Tracked package will arrive in about 2-3 days depending on where you are in France. All orders made after 9AM will be shipped the next day. If you are interested in delivery via courier service in Paris, drop us a line at contact@tresorand.co.

How do I get a refund?

If you are not satisfied with the hunt, return it to us within 3 months, and we will refund your credit card or PayPal account. Please note that the shipping costs cannot be refunded. Email us at contact@tresorand.co, and we will provide you the necessary information for shipping.