The Swedish Institute in Paris opens a new space for kids in Le Marais

The Swedish Institute in Paris opens a new space for kids in Le Marais
27 April 2018 Tresor & co team
In Cities, Paris

Illustration Siri Ahmed Backström, Ed. Cambourakis, 2017

The Swedish Institute is already well known to parents for its friendly terrace and café where you can have lunch or a snack and have enough room for strollers and little fidgets. They can now enjoy Place des Enfants – a new space for children aged 0 to 10, open until 10 June.

Place des enfants is alltogether a creative studio, a library, a venue for exhibitions and concerts, but above all a space where parents and children will find many activities to do together. Moderators are there to guide you or to help the children, but beware, this is not a a “drop your baby and run” kind of place, you are expected to play together! Workshops are programmed on Wednesdays and on weekends (detailed schedules below).

Just a stone’s throw from the last treasure hunt in the Marais, this is the ideal landing point at the end of the course! It might be hard to choose between a snack in the café with its mouthwatering kannellboller, and a reading session in the small hut of the Place des Enfants… But the only risk you run is to spend a pleasant afternoon there!


(c) Orane Leduc pour Institut Suédois

Institut Suédois, hôtel de Marle, 11 rue Payenne, Paris 3e.
Children’s library :
Tuesday – Thursday/ 2PM – 6PM
Friday – Sunday / 12PM – 6PM

Workshop area :
Wednesday/ 2PM – 6PM
Saturday – Sunday / 12PM – 6PM
Workshops are programmed continuously in the afternoons.

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