Launching treasure hunts for the little ones!

Launching treasure hunts for the little ones!
15 June 2017 Tresor & co team


We are very happy to be launching our first treasure hunt specifically designed for children under 8 years old! Although it shares some treasures with Pippa’s version of Treasure Hunt in Le Marais, it has its own unique itinerary and features.

After a few friends and colleagues tested the Treasure hunt in Le Marais with their little hunters, we gathered a lot of feedback on questions and clues that did or did not work for little children. While they enjoyed orientation questions and gasped out lout when they managed to find the treasures pictured in the booklet, they were less interested in conceptual clues and riddles – and, of course, many could not read inscriptions on buildings or shop signs just yet.

We have therefore kept the all-generations winners from the Pippa’s version, and added new treasures we were sure little explorers would enjoy: visual clues, items to find located at their eye-level, animal-related treasures and even a bakeries quest.

Finally, we have introduced a new character to join Pippa & Dad on their adventures: the little Emil (and yes, that’s an Astrid Lindren reference again, from Emil of Lönneberga). Emil is a perky little boy who loves doing things on his own (as long as Dad is around), wants his OWN dog, and follows his sister in everything she does. We hope you’ll love treasure hunting with him!