Please meet Pippa and Dad!

Please meet Pippa and Dad!
15 March 2017 Tresor & co team

Ever since we imagined these series, we wanted to use comic-book style characters to bring some of the children’s colorful fantasy into the urban landscape with its grown-up monuments and buildings. There’s nothing fun about an “Haussmanian” per se, right?

Instead of picturing “the usual” family – mommy, daddy, two children – seen in every advertisement, we came up with one main character, Pippa. Named after the character from one of Astrid Lindgren’s well-beloved children’s books, Pippi Longstocking, Pippa is curious, fun and determined to drag her Dad and her dachsund dog into whatever seems like a cool adventure. She’ll lead all the hunts destined to 8+ years old kids.

But wait, that’s for children.

For grown-ups, the main character is definitely Dad (how cool is a Dad bringing his daughter on adventures?) He’s a guy you want to hang out with. If you knew him, you’d get a couple of beers (or a Spritz, if you’re in Paris right now) on a sunny terrace and share the latest news about Pippa’s last adventures, new restaurant openings and whether a person can be considered old for being on Facebook.

And finally: who would go hunting without a dog?

A drawn dachsund makes a perfect treasure hunting dog. It’s snoopy, it has four short legs and the right amount of chutzpah.
With these three, a leisurely stroll in a Parisian neighborhood is nothing short of an awesome. On some pages, they give additional hints that will help you find the treasure; on others, they do a very personal interpretation of a treasure’s history… Our aim was to bring into the very grown-up world surrounding city kids a wim of fantasy. Pippa & Dad are doing just that.